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Is Christianity Intolerant of Other Faiths?

Introduction: I am aware that some really intelligent people hold to very different religious views than I do. Sometimes that makes me believe that if I believe my view is the right view, then I am arrogant. Doesn’t arrogance lead to violence like the Crusades, the French Inquisitions or terrorism that sweeps the world today?...


Questioned to Death

Introduction: Have you ever been treated unfairly? Have you ever experienced injustice? Have you ever been in a situation where your character was brought into question and you couldn’t defend yourself? Those scenarios sound terrible, yet Jesus experienced them all during His interrogation by religious and political leaders. What can you learn from how Jesus...


Why is Jesus Talking to Her?

Introduction: As I recall, there hasn’t been a time in my life when political divides have been deeper. The animosity toward those who disagree with you has heightened in all directions. There is a prejudice toward those who disagree with another’s viewpoint. Jesus, in John 4, purposely steps into a situation where He demonstrates how...


A Nuptial Nuisance

Introduction: With the beginning of a New Year comes new resolutions, new goals, and new dreams about how the end of 2019 will be different than the beginning of 2019. The Gospel of John, chapter 2, gives some practical advice on how life can be different if we start 2019 with Jesus and keep Jesus...