January 27, 2019

Why is Jesus Talking to Her?

Introduction: As I recall, there hasn’t been a time in my life when political divides have been deeper. The animosity toward those who disagree with you has heightened in all directions. There is a prejudice toward those who disagree with another’s viewpoint. Jesus, in John 4, purposely steps into a situation where He demonstrates how a Christ follower overcomes prejudice. Let’s learn from the actions of the Savior of the World.
Are You Prejudice?
· Jesus goes to the outcast and rejected.
· Jesus jumps the hurdles to reach the outcast and rejected.
· Religious people worry about becoming influenced by the world.
· Jesus goes to the world to make us clean.
Encouragement 2019 – God may call you to a place He needs you to go.
What Do You Worship?
The pattern of Jesus was to not be passive about the ethical issues of life.
· Jesus related her need for water to the ethics of her sexual activity.
Jesus says let’s talk about your sex life and she says, where should we worship?
· You can be wholeheartedly devoted to the wrong thing.
Rather than the place of worship, He reflects on the nature of worship.
Jesus is the Messiah. Drop the mic. The conversation is over.
Encouragement 2019: Make God the object of your worship.
Are You Reaching Others?
The woman at the well was hiding from people, now she is running toward people.
Encouragement 2019: Believe that God wants to significantly help you tell His story.