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Is the Bible Pro-Slavery?

Introduction: Many may believe that the Bible is pro-slavery, so they struggle to believe in a God who is pro-slavery. But if you look carefully at the entirety of Scripture, you will find that God created each person who is equally loved and equally valued by a crucified Christ. 1. What Does the Bible Say...


Why Does God Allow Suffering?

Introduction:“I can’t believe in a God who would allow so much suffering,” is a statement many make when justifying their reasons for NOT believing in and trusting God. Is there purpose in the pain? Can you put your total trust in a God who allows unjustified pain and suffering?   Self-Inflicted Suffering: · The Book...


Is God Anti-Sex?

Introduction: Is God anti-sex? Does faith in God, and particularly faith in Jesus, make sense for the thinking people in our modern day? As thoughtful people seeking God’s way of living, we look to hear what the Bible has to say about sex.   What does the Bible Say About Sex? · Your spiritual life...


Is Christianity Intolerant of Other Faiths?

Introduction: I am aware that some really intelligent people hold to very different religious views than I do. Sometimes that makes me believe that if I believe my view is the right view, then I am arrogant. Doesn’t arrogance lead to violence like the Crusades, the French Inquisitions or terrorism that sweeps the world today?...


Is Christianity Anti-Women?

Introduction: What do you think the Bible says about women? Are men and women equal in the eyes of God according to the Bible? New Life Church believes the Bible and affirms an equal faith community where women and men serve together on the basis of their giftedness, not on the basis of gender. Women...


Is Christianity Irrational?

Introduction: In a world full of reason, faith is often viewed as something you accept for no good reason. Some relegate a sincere faith to those who need a crutch to help them through life. Those are misconceptions about Christianity.   1. “Faith” means believing things for no good reason. Acts 17:16-34   The Christian...