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Love One Another

Introduction: Who in life do you love most? Who loves you most, and how do you determine who loves you most? Psychology tells us that love is a basic necessity in everyone’s life. Love is more than emotional sentiment or physical attraction. The Apostle John teaches us that love is a selfless and sacrificial action....


The Great Substitute?

Introduction: If you need to talk with someone about a challenge and maintain a good relationship with them, there are ways to begin that conversation and ways you shouldn’t begin that conversation. If you start the conversation with criticism, contempt, defensiveness, or not listening, you can expect accelerated conflict. The Apostle John addresses the issue...


Light or Darkness

Introduction: Have you ever needed a stain removed from an important piece of clothing, furniture, a car interior, or a light-colored carpet? What’s your first reaction when a stain is revealed? Do you throw the garment or piece of furniture away? Do you purchase car seat covers from WeatherTech or a nice new area rug to...