August 23, 2020

When My Actions Cause Plans to Change

Introduction: There are times in life when plans change due to your decision in the moment. What you think you’ll do, given a certain set of circumstances, isn’t what happens and plans change. God knows who you really are. He knows the intent of your heart. He knows what your future holds. When God reveals to you who you really are, will you accept His evaluation? If you do, it has the potential to change your plans, both life and future.

1. What Are You Made Of? – Matthew 26:31-32, 34
· Jesus knows you better than you know yourself.
· Jesus knows how you will respond in the middle of a difficult situation.
· Noble intent can quickly be redirected in the middle of a crisis.
· Jesus knows you will fail, but He gives you hope after that failure.

2. Good Intentions – Matthew 26:33,35,40-41 and 51
· Never will deny.
· Always will pray.
· Always will defend.

You never know how weak you are until you are tested.
“Keep watch and pray, so that you will not give in to temptation. For the spirit is willing, but the body is weak!” Matthew 26:41

3. Your Life or Christ’s Honor? – Matthew 26:69-74
· Your words can reveal your heart.

“For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.” Matthew 12:34

· Your words can betray your heart.

4. Failure That Leads to Repentance – Matthew 26:75
· Repentance affirmed Peter.
· Repentance gives hope to all who try and fail.

Peter’s tears were shed in repentance, not remorse, and in brokenness, not bitterness.
· Your failings will never exhaust the GRACE of God.

Peter’s failure stands as a remarkable recalculation.
· Repent and recalculate today.

Weekly Questions:
1. How do you respond to God when you fail Him? Have you ever denied your relationship with Jesus among your peers?
2. Do you agree with the statement, “Failure is not falling”? What does that mean to you?