October 13, 2019

Is Christianity Irrational?

Introduction: In a world full of reason, faith is often viewed as something you accept for no good reason. Some relegate a sincere faith to those who need a crutch to help them through life. Those are misconceptions about Christianity.


1. “Faith” means believing things for no good reason. Acts 17:16-34


The Christian understanding of how things are, did not grow by avoiding rational consideration through the imposition of authority. It grew by inviting rational consideration, often in opposition to authority.


2. You can’t believe in science AND believe in God. 2 Peter 1:5


The declaration that science is the only determiner of truth is not itself a scientific finding—it’s a statement of faith. Christians, above all people, have an obligation to fearlessly and humbly follow truth, in every sphere, in every discipline, wherever it leads.


3. No one can really know moral or spiritual truth. John 8:31-32, Romans 1:21


The problem is: It is always wrong to make moral judgments. This statement refutes itself. Knowing right from wrong is essential to our humanity.


4. Christianity is about being right. 1 Corinthians 8:1-3


We are not here to show everybody that we’re right. We’re here to show everybody God’s love.


Weekly Questions:

1. What have you been debating/wrestling with about truth and faith?

2. Where might your future self come back to you and say, “You knew better”?

3. What step will you take this week to increase your faith and knowledge?