January 20, 2019

Nick at Night

Introduction: Have you ever thought about what it means to be born again? If you have, you’re in the bright company of an intelligent man named Nicodemus. Jesus told him during a twilight visit that he needed to be born again in order to be included in the Kingdom of God. Jesus also said that the only way to be born again was to believe in Jesus, God’s Son, making a life commitment to the cross. The one focus this morning is: Are you born again?
How Do You Approach Jesus?
Encouragement 2019 – You are never too smart to talk to Jesus.
Encouragement 2019– Approach Jesus with your fears and doubts.
At times, we only evaluate Jesus on the basis of what we hear or what we see.
Encouragement 2019 – Approach Jesus with open ears, open hands, and open minds.
You don’t need to be a BETTER you, you need to be a NEW you governed by the Holy Spirit.
How Can You Be Born Again?
Encouragement 2019 – Love like God.
Encouragement 2019 – Make the choice to believe in Jesus.
Encouragement 2019– Look UP to the cross, not DOWN to the sin.
“Humankind has been infected with a contagious disease called sin. The only cure is to look at the Son of Man hanging on the cross and find life through believing in Him.” NT Wright