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How to Move Forward?

Introduction: In the Scriptures, there are times when plans were altered. Sometimes God decided to change the plan. Sometimes a human decision or action changed the plan. Other times people had the wrong idea of what God’s plan was, and they had to recalculate what God’s will was. As we put our lives back together...


Wisdom to Know the Difference

Introduction: Acceptance, change, and the wisdom to know whether you should accept or change requires wisdom. Are you at peace with the decisions you are making? Do your decisions honor God? Do you need courage to change a relationship or a habit that you know isn’t God’s plan for your life? The questions today are:...


Building a House

Your life is a house. Is your house built on sand, unstable and chaotic, or is it built on rock, firm and dependent on God? Listen to a message on the parable of the wise and foolish builders, and let’s inspect the integrity of our houses together.

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