December 22, 2019

Wisdom to Know the Difference

Introduction: Acceptance, change, and the wisdom to know whether you should accept or change requires wisdom. Are you at peace with the decisions you are making? Do your decisions honor God? Do you need courage to change a relationship or a habit that you know isn’t God’s plan for your life? The questions today are: Who will sit on the throne of your life? Who guides your life decisions?

A Decision to Be Made
· The wise men embody a basic wisdom, a basic decision every human being is going to face once Jesus comes into the world.
· In any life, there is only room for one king, one ruler.
· Who’s sitting on the throne of your life?

There’s a little King Herod inside all of us that says:
· My desires first, and then God’s will can fit in when it’s convenient.
· I will be master of my own universe.

Are you going to try to be the master of your universe or are you going to resign and say, “God, I want You to take charge of my life?”

God’s Heart Was Revealed
· The wise men reflect God’s heart for people who don’t belong in the Christmas story.
· God met the wise men where they were and spoke their language – astrology.
· Their quest ended up at the feet of Jesus.

Who’s going to be on the throne of your life?
· Nobody comes to God and impresses Him, but God forgives all who come.

Humble yourself before God.
· Get real with God about your need.
· Invite the Christ child, Jesus, to become the Ruler of your life.

Weekly Questions:
1. Is Jesus Christ the LORD of your life? Have you ever asked Him to be the LORD of your life?
2. When you pray the “Serenity Prayer,” what is God whispering into your heart?