April 19, 2020

What Kind of People Can Follow Jesus?

What Kind of People Can Follow Jesus?

Introduction: If you could erase all the misconceptions of what following Jesus really means and start with just the simple Gospel story, I believe you would find that the Gospel of Jesus is not a game of do’s and don’ts. It is a relationship of “Following Jesus!”

Relationship Language of the Gospels
· Father and Child
· Vines and Branches
· Shepherd and Sheep

Follow Me – Matthew 9:9
· No prayer of repentance nor forgiveness granted
· No qualifications mentioned that Matthew must leave the tax collecting business
· Jesus said to just follow Him

The Jewish religious leaders said:
· Change and you can join us

Jesus said:
· Join us, and you will change

If you are willing to give up _______________ you can follow Jesus.
· Willing to do this and not that

Who is Invited to Follow Jesus?
1. Being a sinner does not disqualify you from following Jesus. It’s a prerequisite!
2. Being a non-believer doesn’t disqualify you from following Jesus.
3. The invitation to follow Jesus is not do’s and don’ts. It’s an invitation into a relationship.
4. Following Jesus forces you to focus on where you are, rather than what you aren’t.

Are You Following Jesus?

Weekly Questions
1. Are you following Jesus or are you keeping track of the do’s and don’ts?
2. Who are the tax collectors and sinners in your circle of friends? Who are you inviting to follow Jesus?