April 12, 2020

A Response to Hope

A Response to Hope

Introduction: Hope stirs the soul and inspires the heart. Hope paints a picture of a better tomorrow than you are experiencing today. But Hope often comes during the darkest moments of life. The Resurrection of Jesus is a story of Hope. Hope that is present now to provide strength and Hope for an eternal future with Christ Jesus.

Hope Delayed – Luke 24:30-31, 36-37

· Questionable Hope (belief)
· Compromised Hope (behavior)

· Spark of Hope began on Easter – He is Risen!
· Flame of Hope began due to eyewitnesses from Emmaus
· Fire of Hope began when Jesus revealed Himself

Hope Doubted – Luke 24:38; John 20:25
· Opportunity in the struggle
· Purpose in the pain
· Present always

Hope Ignored – John 21:3
· Can God use you?

God calls, commissions, and empowers those who once denied knowing Him.

Hope Realized – Luke 24:50-53; Matthew 28:19-20
· Look up, not around for strength
· Worship God, nothing else
· Make disciples of everyone, everywhere

Hope Invited In, Not Forgotten – Ephesians 1:18
· Jesus’ message of Hope brings you into His Light
· Inviting you into a marvelous life journey with Jesus and other believers
· A partnership that restores your Hope and blesses the world

Easter Question: Have you found your Hope in Jesus Christ, in Jesus Christ alone? Trust Him with your life today.