April 26, 2020

Are You Following Jesus?

Are You Following Jesus?

Introduction: Are you following Jesus? Are you listening to what He is saying? Are you responding to His requests? Are you working with Jesus to accomplish His mission in your life? Are you following Jesus and fulfilling His destiny for you?

Listen to Jesus – Luke 5:1
Beginning a journey with Jesus starts with listening to what He has to say.
· Asking questions
· Studying what Jesus said

A real relationship with Jesus is built on belief in what He says.

Respond to Jesus’ Request – Luke 5:2-3
Can Jesus borrow what you consider to be yours?

“So faith comes from hearing, that is, hearing the Good News about Christ.” Romans 10:17 (NLT)

Work with Jesus – Luke 5:4-9
You can do life but do life Jesus’ way.

Blessings are seen in the rearview mirror.

Will you do what Jesus is requesting of you today?
· One simple, individual decision can make a world of difference.

A simple decision to follow Jesus
· To work with Him
· To respond to His request
· Will change your today and your eternity

Follow Jesus – Luke 5: 10-11
Follow Him, when your faith in Jesus Christ intersects with His great faithfulness to you.

You know who Jesus is – You know who you are – You trust in His future for you.

Weekly Question:
What is the next step for you on your journey with Jesus?