May 3, 2020

Following Jesus Fearlessly

Following Jesus Fearlessly

Introduction: If you know that you have already won the game, you can play more confidently and take more risks while living in peace. Michael Jordan predicted to his new coach, Doug Collins, that he would win his first coached game. Only Michael could make that promise and deliver. Jesus Christ has promised us PEACE in all of life’s circumstances if we will live “IN HIM.”

You May Have Peace
The PEACE spoken of by Jesus is the PEACE that comes through confidence in Christ.
· A right here, right now PEACE in the present kind of PEACE plus a future PEACE with Christ.

Peace: Hebrew word “Shalom” – Greek word “Eriene.” The meaning of both is “complete and whole.”

Jesus is Real Peace
Isaiah forecasts a prince of “Shalom” with an eternal Kingdom. – Isaiah 9:5-6
· He will make right the wrong and heal what is broken.

At His birth, Jesus was announced as the ONE who would lead us to “Eirene.” – Luke 1:79

Jesus Christ gave us PEACE with God. – Romans 5:1
· He restored wholeness to the relationship that was damaged by sin.
· He reconciled the relationship and gave us PEACE with God. – Ephesians 2:14

Real Peace Found “IN JESUS”
Those who are “IN CHRIST” receive strength, help, and hope as they live “IN CHRIST!” – Acts 17:28

You live “IN HIM” and you have everything you need to be a winner in this world.
· Not merely running off to join Christ in the peaceful “happily ever after” beyond the grave.
· It is a confidence to live at PEACE in a world full of pain, heartache, and struggle.

Trials and Sorrows
Like an athlete can’t ignore an injury, so you can’t ignore the pain that life will bring.
· Don’t be anxious – don’t give up – be encouraged in the middle of the pain.
· Jesus has already overcome the pains and trials of this world.

The “Shalom” Jesus offers isn’t like the world’s peace.
· The world’s peace is eventually taken and violence ensues. – Revelation 6:4
· The PEACE, the confidence you can have “IN HIM,” will never end.

Conclusion: Today, Jesus Christ invites you into Himself.
· Come and attach yourself to Jesus.
· Because “IN HIM” you will have PEACE and be fearless.

Weekly Questions: Are you at PEACE? Are you living fearlessly “IN HIM?”