September 13, 2020


Introduction: If you had to decide whether you were an on/off switch or a dimmer switch, which one would you choose? Looking at the Apostle John’s life, you find that he was an on/off switch kind of guy. He turned on to Jesus and never turned off.

Does Your Life Have a Dimmer Switch? – Matthew 4:21-22
• Dimmer Switch
• On/Off Switch
> John the Apostle was all on for Jesus right from the beginning.

When Are You Overbearing? – Luke 9:52-55 & Mark 10:43-45
• Everyone is overbearing at times.
• The “Sons of Thunder!” were overbearing.
> Send fire from heaven and consume them.
> I’d like to be seated on a throne close to You, Jesus.

How is God Redirecting Your Life?
• John spent time with Jesus, and he was redirected.
• The once important became unimportant, and Jesus became essential.

John accepted to care for Mary, Jesus’ mother, until her death.
• Preached the Good News to millions.
• Planted churches.
• Wrote five books of the New Testament.
• Became John the Beloved, the one Jesus loved.

Weekly Questions:
1. How is God redirecting your life? How is God redirecting the life of your family?
2. What part of your life do you need God to redirect?