March 29, 2020

Peace in Uncertain Times (2)

Introduction: How do you deal with anxiety in these uncertain times? Where do you find peace? The uncertainty of what tomorrow brings increases by the day. Where do you go to find rest for your soul?

“An uncertain future leaves us stranded in an unhappy present with nothing to do but wait.” Daniel Gilbert

Key Points:
1. Blocks – represents the anxiety that weighs you down and covers you over.
2. Toss – the process of casting those anxieties upward to God.
3. The One Above – Who is the One Above? Can He be trusted?

Anxiety HINDERS You – Matthew 6:34
· Anxiety flourishes when you are preoccupied and overly concerned about things beyond your control.

Anxiety HURTS You and Others
· Defined: Anxiety tears apart, rips, chokes, strangles etc…
· Anxiety creates distance between you, others, and God.

Anxiety WARNS You – Matthew 6:24-25
· Anxiety is a symptom that you are beginning to focus on something in your life that is more important than Jesus.

Clarify the Purpose of the Blocks
· Is anxiety there to hold you down, or help you grow?

Classify Your Responsibilities and God’s Provision
· What is your responsibility, and what is God’s promise?

Cast Away – 1 Peter 5:7
· Toss what’s troubling you upward to the One Above.

The One Above
Consider the One Above – 1 Peter 5:6
· Is the One above ABLE to catch the blocks?
· Is the One above WILLING to catch the blocks?

Will You TRUST the One Above?
· Anxiety is a loving invitation for you to draw close to God and trust Him more.

“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.” Corrie Ten Boom