March 10, 2019

I Can See!

Introduction: Are you suffering? Is there someone you care about who is suffering? Suffering causes us to ask God, “Why?” Why is there sickness and suffering in our world? Why does it come to some people and not to others? In John 9, Jesus heals a man who had been blind from birth. In addition to his physical blindness, he was also healed of his spiritual blindness.
A Healer – John 9:1-12
Reasons for Sickness
· Your bad choices
· Others’ bad choices
· To glorify God
Don’t focus on the brokenness, but on God who can heal the brokenness.
When you are suffering, you ask “Why?”
· Maybe you should ask, “How can this suffering be used for God’s glory?”
· Invest your suffering rather than resisting your suffering.
Blindman healed after obedience:
· You say, “Bless me.”
· God says, “Obey Me.”
A Prophet – John 9:17
The former blindman says, “Jesus is a prophet.”
Thoughts on Healing
· Don’t tell God how
· Don’t tell God when
· Just open your hands and receive
My LORD – John 9:38
My Lord – You found me, You loved me, You healed me, You’re the One I trust.
Believe – You are the Son of Man.
Worship – I will respond to Your grace.
With Jesus, you start as a beggar with nothing to offer; you only have faith to receive.