March 17, 2019


Cruelty in a Delayed Response – John 11:5-16
· Avoid ALL pain.
· Immediate action if you LOVE me.
The death of Lazarus matches the theme of the Gospel of John, “so that you will believe!”
People Process Suffering and Grief Differently –John 11:17-37
· Martha processed grief with words and discussion.
· Mary processed grief with tears and passion at the feet of Jesus.
Two Levels of Resurrected Life
1. Resurrection from the dead to live again on earth.
2. Resurrection to live today.
Heaven is a place. That place is a person. That person is Jesus.
Critics will use painful moments to decrease your faith in Jesus.
Questions or Accusations
· Question: I don’t understand, LORD. We asked, and You didn’t come. Why?
· Accusation: You healed the blindman but didn’t heal your friend Lazarus!
Questions bring you close to God – Accusations push you away from God.
Jesus Raises Lazarus – John 11:38-44
Work of God and Man
· People remove the tombstone.
· Jesus resuscitates Lazarus.
· People remove the grave clothes.
In the middle of the story is the greatest grief and the deepest sorrow!