June 6, 2021



Introduction: How do you remain hopeful in a hopelessly broken world? Every one of us will wrestle with this dilemma at some level. If you have ever had something you placed your hope in come crashing down around you, you know the feeling of hopelessness. But, when you place your hope in God’s love, you will discover lasting hope.

1. The World is Hopelessly Broken – Romans 8:20-30
• The only way to maintain hope in a broken world is to place your hope in God.
• Americans are hesitant to place their hope in God because we aren’t convinced our world is that broken.

2. Invitation to Place Your Hope in God’s Love for You – Romans 8:31-35
• Love not demonstrated by accomplishment, ability, finances, or relationship.
• Love demonstrated when His Son died for your sins and secured your place in the family of God.

3. After You Place Your Hope in God’s Love – Romans 8:37-39
• Live out kingdom values in an unhappy and broken world.
– You love even though it doesn’t always make a difference.
– You put others first even though it doesn’t serve your best interests.
• You plan, dream, pursue progress, and build.

These things are temporary. God’s love is eternal.

• When you loosen your grip from around your plans, treasures, and ambitions, your plans, treasures, and ambitions loosen their grip from around your heart.

Weekly Question: Are you placing your hope in God’s unending love for you or in temporal things?

“May your unfailing love be with us, LORD, even as we put our hope in You.” Psalm 33:22 NIV