June 13, 2021

Beginning to End

Beginning to End

Introduction: I wish to tell my lead pastor journey through the storyline of the donkey that Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the first Palm Sunday. If you have ever dealt with a donkey, you know they are smart, strong-willed, and stubborn. That makes Jesus’ request in Mark 11 all the more interesting when He asks the disciples to bring Him a donkey that had never been ridden before and proceeds to ride that donkey into a crowd of loud, animated worshipers.

Your Past Does Not Determine Your Future: Mark 11: 2 “…that no one has ever ridden…”

Why Not?
• Unprepared to be a lead pastor
• No experience at lead pastoring • Lack of desire to be a lead pastor

The Lord Needs You: Mark 11:3 “…The Lord needs it…”

The Macedonian call: Acts 16
• Prepared to go to Asia
• Self-redirected to Bithynia
• Directed by God to go to Macedonia (Europe)

Bring Jesus to the World: Mark 11:7 “…He sat on it…”
The donkey brought Jesus to the people, while not elevating himself.

• Jesus was the center focus.
All the Admiration is for Jesus: Mark 11:9-10 “…Jesus was in the center of the procession…”

The tendency to worship human celebrities:
• Know what the celebrities are doing
• Emulate celebrity attire and actions
• Empathize with celebrity struggles

Jesus is the Hope of the World.
• Living for Jesus is the best life now and the only life later.

Prayer: O God, may our lives carry the message of Jesus in word and deed to those around us and to the world.