February 24, 2019

Eat My Body, Drink My Blood! What?

Introduction: Where do you spend most of your time and energy? Most of us spend a significant amount of time trying to look our best. We are involved in sleep, work, and leisure activities which consume approximately 2/3 of our 24-hour day. How much consideration do you give to investing in your eternity daily? John 6 contrasts external and eternal human care.
Jesus Speaks to the Crowd – John 6:23-40
· Most people care more about their external life than their eternal life.
· Most people are band wagon fans.
· Most people have enough evidence to believe in Jesus.
· Most people don’t know the difference between Glory (credit) and Gratitude (thanks).
Question: What do we need to do to have a relationship with God? John 6:28 (paraphrased)
· This is the work of God that you believe in the One He sent.
Salvation is never achieved apart from the drawing power of God, and it is never completed apart from the willingness of humans to hear and learn from God. Gerald Borchert
Jesus Speaks at the Synagogue – John 6:41-59
· Most people complain too much.
° We complain and grumble about what we don’t understand.
Question: How can this man give us His flesh to eat? John 6:52
· Eating the body and drinking the blood is a symbol of the death of Jesus, the Son of Man, and trusting in Him for your salvation.
Jesus Speaks to His Disciples – John 6:60-67
· Many followers of Jesus reject Him because this teaching was too hard.
Question: ‘You do not want to leave too, do you?’ Jesus asked the Twelve.John 6:67
· There is no other Hope but Jesus!
Believing in Jesus’ life poured out for the world is the genuine or authentic foundation for our lives as Christians. NT Wright