February 17, 2019

Let Them Eat Bread

Let Them Eat Bread
Introduction: Would others consider you a generous person? Would your spouse and children consider you a generous person? Do you hope that your children will be generous people? How are you teaching generosity in your home? How are you showing generosity to others? Today, I’m talking about the generosity of a young boy and what Jesus did with his simple lunch.
Jesus Sees the Need – John 6:5-10
· Though the numbers were large, this biblical account teaches us not to attach a moral value to a ministry size.
· All ministry is good – one on one, in a group, or in a multitude.
Phillip brought impossibilities and questions to Jesus, while Andrew brought people and resources.
With childlike faith, give your simple resources and trust God to do something incredible with it.
Jesus Cares About Physical and Spiritual Needs – John 6:11-14
· Be thankful for what you have.
· God cares about physical needs.
· God multiplies what you give.
· God does BIG things with little things.
· Seek to be a good manager of what God has given you.
Managing Styles:
· What’s mine is mine – that’s selfish.
· What’s yours is mine – that’s stealing.
· What’s mine is His – that’s seeing God as the provider and you are the manager.
Jesus Has His Own Cause – John 6:15
· Question: Do you live for your cause or Christ’s cause?