Day 38: April 14, 2022

Day 38: April 14, 2022

Read Matthew 28:11-15.

The greatest cover up. That’s what the enemies of Jesus sought to do. 

They came up with a devious scheme, bribed the soldiers and spread rumors through a vast and powerful network. 

And, yet, despite their influence and their wiles, it was the greatest irony – the chief priests and their cohorts through their deceptive plan were inadvertently accepting that the tomb was empty. 

People can try all they want to hide the truth or run from it. But God has the last word. He is the sovereign, all knowing, all powerful God. His truth prevails. His truth sets us free

The only way we can know the truth is not just the overwhelming evidence that the resurrection was historically accurate. The only way we can be fully convinced of the truth is a personal relationship with Jesus.

Bringing It Home

Do I try to hide from the truth through my busyness or through distractedness? Do I have a personal relationship with Christ that convinces me of the truth?

Lean In

Heavenly Father, Thank you for your sovereignty. Despite the corruption and perversion of the current world system and the powers that be, you reign victorious. Your truth will prevail. I can trust you and lean on you always. Amen.

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