Day 37: April 13, 2022

Day 37: April 13, 2022

Read Matthew 28:8-10.

The women couldn’t believe what they had seen. Or rather, what they had not seen. There was no body in the tomb. The angel told them that Jesus has risen. Could this be true? They ran to tell the disciples, a mixture of excitement and fear coursing through their veins.

That’s when Jesus meets with them. The women weren’t at the perfect point in their faith. Scripture notes that they were still afraid. But Jesus met with them right where they were. He didn’t wait for a time when their faith-o-meter was cranked up all the way. He met them while they were still wrapping their minds around all they’d experienced. 

All the women could do in response was to fall before Him in worship.

Bringing It Home

Do I feel like I need to have a perfect life and perfect faith before I can have a real relationship with Jesus? What is my response when Jesus meets me at my point of need?

Lean In

God of Grace, I come to you in worship because you meet me right where I am. You know my heart and you know I’ll never get things 100% right. But that’s why you sent your Son to die for me – because all of us have sinned and fallen short of your glory. Amen.

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