Day 7: March 9, 2022

Day 7: March 9, 2022

Read Matthew 26:36-38.

The scene in today’s reading shifts from the Upper Room to the Garden of Gethsemane. The mood gets heavier and more somber. Jesus calls three of his closest disciples and summons them to pray with him. 

While I’ve mulled over Jesus’ tribulation in the garden before, I’ve never dwelt on the fact that he invited his friends to grieve with him and pray with him.

It’s not like the God of this universe needed them. It’s not like he didn’t know they would be catching up on naps instead of praying.

Yet, by sharing his sorrow with them, Jesus was clearly demonstrating that it’s okay to share your heart’s burdens with others. Just because you have God in your life doesn’t mean you have to be poised and stoic and invulnerable. It’s okay to say, “Hey, would you mind coming along with me for this?” and give someone else the opportunity to pray with you and for you.

Jesus displayed a beautiful openness in inviting his closest disciples to come alongside him.

No, we don’t depend entirely on our loved ones. Nor do we act like faith erases them from the picture.

Bringing It Home

What am I trying to handle alone today? Has God shown me specific people I can share my heartaches and my dreams with? Am I willing to be invited into another person’s burden, even if it means sacrificing my time and my pursuits?

Lean In

Heavenly Father, Help me grasp the fact that asking for help or asking for prayer does not chip away at my faith. Help me to be humble enough to invite people I trust to come alongside me on my faith walk. Amen.

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