Day 16: March 19, 2022

Day 16: March 19, 2022

Read Matthew 27:1-5.


What a dark passage. The verdict is delivered. Jesus is bound and taken away. And, all of a sudden, Judas is filled with remorse over what he has done.

He tries to assuage his guilt by returning the 30 pieces of silver. He tries owning up to his sin – but he confesses to the wrong people. In quelling his guilt, he makes a huge blunder – he doesn’t seek forgiveness from a God of grace. He tries to “fix” his sin on his own terms. He decides to take things into his own hands. Including his very life. 

Remorse and regret over sin are only starting points. True brokenness and confession before God is where forgiveness – and the ensuing freedom – lies. The Bible says that when we confess our sin God is faithful to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 

A sinful life is just a life waiting to be redeemed. 

Bringing It Home

Am I trying to fix my failures on my own terms? Am I coming to God with a brokenness over my sin? Do I remember that the depravity of my sin can never surpass the depth of God’s grace?

Lean In

Heavenly Father, Help me remember that I can never fix my sin problem. Help me remember that I can’t ever exhaust your grace, however extensive my mistakes may be. In repentance and rest is my salvation. Amen.

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