Day 15: March 18, 2022

Day 15: March 18, 2022

Read Matthew 26:59-75.

Today, we read the familiar story of Peter’s denial. Each time he is asked whether he knew Jesus, Peter grows more vehement in his rejection of him. 

Peter who had earlier professed that he would lay down his life for Jesus is now scared off by a servant girl. 

When the rooster crows, Peter remembers – the conviction in his heart is immediate. He weeps bitterly. 

While the passage doesn’t mention it, Peter becomes the first great voice of the gospel. 

Underneath his mistake were the arms of Jesus. Peter allowed the conviction of sin to strike him and he allowed the forgiveness of sin to lift him up again.

I think of the verse: though he stumble, he will not fall for the Lord upholds him with his hand (Psalm 37: 24). That was Peter. And that was his faithful God.

Our smallest goof-ups and blunders and our biggest, darkest sin – none of it is beyond God’s redemption.

Bringing It Home

Do I sometimes feel like God can’t forgive me of a certain sin? Do I feel like even if God forgives me, I can’t forgive myself? What if God is telling me that the slate is wiped clean and that he has put a new spirit within me?

Lean In

Father God, Thank you for your grace and forgiveness. I don’t deserve the second, third, sometimes hundredth chance you give me. You are faithful and you lift me out from the ashes and put a new song on my lips. Amen.


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