Day 14: March 17, 2022

Day 14: March 17, 2022

Read Matthew 26:57-67.

Within a span of a few hours, Jesus experienced the pain and injustice that no one should have to go through. Especially not the only sinless man who ever lived.

He was betrayed by Judas, arrested by a mob, deserted by his disciples, denied by Peter, paraded before a court that plied him with mocking questions and false accusations. He was attacked, blindfolded, spat upon, slapped and struck with fists. And all of this happened before he carried that cross to Golgotha.

We do not have a High Priest who is unable to sympathize with us. Jesus was tested and tempted in every way – and yet was without sin. 

When we are going through tough times, it would be shallow to proclaim that “God doesn’t understand.” Because He does. He went through every physical, spiritual and emotional battle there was – and came out victorious.

Bringing It Home

Do I sometimes feel like God just doesn’t “get” it? What do I need to remember in those instances? What can I praise God for today?

Lean In

Jesus, You went through every form of suffering for my sake. Thank you that today you sit at the right hand of the Father and you intercede for us. Thank you that you do understand. Amen.

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