Day 13: March 16, 2022

Day 13: March 16, 2022

Read Matthew 26:56.

In one fell swoop, the disciples all vanished. They fled for their lives. 

Looking back from a 21st century perspective, it’s easy to assign those disciples labels of being cowardly or being deserters. But are we any different from them?

What caused them to split? They panicked when the pressure mounted and they lost sight of the eternal. The visible and the tangible filled them with dread. This, after all, was not how things were supposed to turn out, they probably reasoned. Their teacher and their Lord, whom they had followed for three years, had promised a new kingdom. An arrest by an angry mob was not in the script.

We, too, allow circumstances to get too big and God to become small. We fear the unknown. We make hasty decisions instead of trusting a God who is always on time. 

Bringing It Home

What do I do when I’m faced by the unknown? Do I give into panic? Or do I buckle down and trust what I know to be true of God?

Lean In

Father, I ask that you replace my fear of the unknown with a deep trust in a sovereign God. I ask that for a closer walk with you, so that faith edges out fear and I learn to walk in victory. Amen.


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