March 21, 2021



Introduction: Dividing over cultural issues is far more prominent than uniting around a common viewpoint. Respect for someone who has a different opinion usually results in a vilification of the other individual. It is hard to find a shared cause. The Apostle Paul speaks of the destructive nature of division among followers of Jesus, but he also highlights the beauty and the effectiveness of unity among Christians.

Divisions: schisma (skhis’mah); a split, a division, a schism, a ripping or tearing apart.

When the body of Christ focuses more on current events and less on its eternal mission, divisions occur and weaken the Church.
• The world needs HOPE more than it needs my opinion.
• The Church is the HOPE provider.

What Will Unify Followers of Jesus?
One Enemy – John 10:10; Ephesians 6:12
• Your enemy is not another person who shares a different political persuasion, has a different skin color or background, likes different music, or dresses differently.

One Mission – Matthew 28:19; John 13:34-35; Romans 15:5-7
• The Greek word used for “accept” means to open your arms and take a person to yourself.

The difference between UN(I)tED and UNt(I)ED is the location of the (I).

Questions of the Week
Have you ever focused more on the differences between you and other Christians and less on our common enemy?
How could shifting your focus improve your relationships with other Christians?
What’s your mission in life? How can you apply that mission to the GreatCommission in Matthew 28:19?
How can you work with other Christians to unify around Jesus and carry out God’s mission for the Church?
How can you work to overcome division and embrace unity this week?