May 17, 2020

The Fine Print

The Fine Print
Introduction: Where does following Jesus lead? Are there advantages to following Jesus? Is there a price to pay for following Jesus? At a defining moment in your journey with Jesus, you will discover if you are following Jesus or being a consumer of the idea of Jesus. In Mark 8, Jesus calls all those who are following Him to be followers not consumers. Path Unknown– Mark 8:27-30 · Jesus always has His followers on a journey of discipleship. · Following Jesus is a progressive journey. Who do you think Jesus is? Path of Unwanted Known – Mark 8:31-32 · Jesus spoke in terms of self-denial. · Peter wanted Jesus to speak in more popular terms. Path of Consumerism – Mark 8:33 · Peter was acting like a consumer not like a follower of Jesus. Path of Self-Denial – Mark 8:34 Deny– is to replace the ME with God-in-Christ as the object of my greatest affections; to place the divine-will before my self-will. Cross – to the 1st Century Israeli, the Cross was a gruesome reminder of their Roman domination, and the cruel way in which they would be executed if they didn’t comply. Path to Eternal Life – Mark 8:35-27 · What if at the end of the most awesome life you can imagine, you found that you sacrificed your eternity for that most awesome life?

My Soul is more valuable than My Stuff

Salvation is free. It costs you nothing. Following Christ will eventually cost you something.

Weekly Questions · Are you following Jesus or are you a consumer of the Jesus idea? What makes you classify yourself as one or the other?