April 28, 2019

Seek God and Fight Fair

Introduction: Today, I’m sharing two of five commitments that married couples and single people, who hope to be married someday, need to make if they are going to have a “Marriage That Works.” The first commitment I am talking about is “Seek God” and the second is “Fight Fair.” Both can help as you start “fail proofing” your marriage or future marriage.
1.Seeking God
· Culture teaches us that to really be fulfilled in life you have to find the ONE.
· God is your ONE and your spouse is your TWO.
Singles: Seek the ONE while preparing for my TWO!
Married Couples: Seek the ONE with my TWO!
Four Activities Recommended for Married Couples and Hopeful Singles:
· Read God’s Word (together)
· Pray (together)
· Worship in church (together)
· Socialize with like-minded Christians (together)
2.Fight Fair
· Healthy couples fight for resolution.
· Unhealthy couples fight to win.
Three Rules to Fight Fair:
· Stop and listen carefully.
· Guard your words faithfully.
· Handle your anger correctly.
Four Signs You’re Not Fighting Fair: (Dr. John Gottman)
· Criticizing
· Contempt
· Defensiveness
· Stonewalling