May 16, 2021

Nothing New

Nothing New

Introduction: What is the most dramatic story in the Bible for you? Which Bible story do you like to hear over and over again? The story of Moses, Samson, Jesus, or Paul? Do you like to hear about healings and miracles? If you explore your favorite story deeply enough, you will find that God works in the middle of the mess. He is active when others thought He had forgotten them. You will find that God was certain, even when the circumstances were uncertain, proving that “He STILL Has the Whole World in His Hands!”

Passover Story of Deliverance: Exodus 12:1-30
• Passover – a celebration meal of God’s deliverance from 400 years of slavery.

Upper Room Story of It’s Going to Get Worse: Mark 14:17-29
• Jesus gathers with His disciples to celebrate the Passover meal and remember.
• Instead, Jesus makes His body and blood future remembrances.
• Jesus promised that circumstances were going to get worse.

Joseph’s Story of Sibling Conflict: Genesis 37, 39-45:5
• Sibling conflict ends in selling their brother into slavery.

David’s Story of Challenging Children: 2 Samuel 15-18
• Challenging children want to attack your kingdom and remove you from power.

Moses’ Story of Preservation and Preparation: Exodus 2
• Fear and anxiety over your children.

Mary’s Story of Protection and Provision: Matthew 2
• Rescuing your children from those who would harm them.
• Mary and Joseph escaped with baby Jesus to Egypt.

God STILL Had the Whole World in His Hands!

“The question is not why do the righteous suffer, the question is, will the righteous continue when there is suffering?” John W. Sullivan

When life is uncertain, God is certainty! God STILL Has the Whole World in His Hands!

Weekly Question:
• In a world of uncertainty, when your life is uncertain, do you trust God?