September 29, 2019


Introduction: When was the last time you felt like you didn’t belong where you were? Some may say, “When I walked into church the last time.” Deep inside every person there is a desire to belong; to be in a place where the people know your name and care about you and your family. It’s a primal need and fundamental to our well-being.
“Contrary to what most people think, belonging is not fitting in. In fact, fitting in is the greatest barrier to belonging. Fitting in, I’ve discovered during the past decade of research, is assessing situations and groups of people and twisting yourself into a human pretzel in order to get them to let you hang out with them. Belonging is something else entirely. It’s showing up and letting yourself be seen and known as you really are.” Brené Brown
Three Things You Can Do to be Inviting
1. Invest and Invite
· Invest in the people God has put into your life and invite them deeper into your life.
· Invest in others and look for the opportunity to invite them one step closer to God.
2. Become Part of the Connections Team
· Become a Connections Team member.
· Meet someone new at church this Sunday.
3. Help Us Fill Every Seat in Every Service
· Invite anyone and everyone to join you at God’s table.
Weekly Questions:
· Would you characterize your relationship with Jesus more as trying to fit in or as belonging?
· Would you consider inviting someone with you to church next week?