April 7, 2019

Disappointing Disciples

Disappointing Disciples
Introduction: Has a friend, co-worker or spouse ever betrayed you? Someone you trusted with secrets and finances; someone you were open and vulnerable with; someone you’d known for years? How did you respond? In John 13, we see Jesus’ response to betrayal and denial was saturated with servanthood and love.
Jesus Loves and Does Love – John 13:1-5
In the middle of all of Christ’s love and servanthood:
Evil crept into the heart of Judas.
Judas exchanged a relationship with Jesus for money.
Question: How much is your relationship with Jesus worth?
Two Ways to View Judas
Thank you Lord I am not like Judas, but I love You and won’t betray You.
Lord, forgive me when I tend to be like Judas. Save me from myself.
Don’t just get into the WORD, but let the WORD of God get into you!
None of the disciples assumed the role of foot-washing servant at the gathering.
Jesus started DOING love – NOT just feeling love.
Jesus serves ALL – believers, betrayers, deniers, doubters, questioners – ALL of them.
Jesus Forgives and Makes Clean – John 13:6-17
There is a humility that comes when you serve others.
There is a deeper humility that comes when you need to be served.
Two Views of Jesus’ Action
Peter was seeing the human servanthood of washing feet.
Jesus was speaking of the spiritual washing of the water and the blood.
Peter wanted to determine when and how Jesus would serve him.
We want to determine the scope of Jesus’ influence in our life.
Everyone needs to be washed by the water and the blood.
Peter is verbal but Judas is covert. You don’t know what he is thinking and doing.
Peter experienced transformation.
Judas did not.