October 4, 2020

Conversation with Grandpa John

Conversation with Grandpa John

Introduction: What do you think the Apostle John would say to you today? In 1 John 2, we read what John’s letter said to the second and third generation of Christians. John sent this letter out to Christian leaders who were opening their homes and couches to Christians, so they could all grow in their faith.

A Word to All God’s Kids – 1 John 2:12a, 14a
• John establishes that the little children of God have believed and are forgiven.
• They have a heavenly Father and belong to God’s family.

A Word to Young Christians – 1 John 2:13b, 14b
The Evil One
• Satan is the evil one who comes to destroy your life and ruin your legacy.

Winning Over the Evil One
• Live true to God’s Word. Read God’s Word. Memorize God’s Word. Live God’s Word.

A Word to Mature Christians – 1 John 2:13a, 14a
• Mature should guide.
• Younger should energize.

The Two Evil Trinities – 1 John 2:15-16
Who is Evil?
1. Satan – a God-created being that is NOT divine but is a fallen, disobedient angel.
2. The World – the culture that is opposed to God.
3. The Flesh – an internal desire for ungodly desires.

What is Evil?
1. Cravings for physical pleasure – natural desires acted upon outside God’s plan.
2. Cravings for everything we see – the eye is a portal to the mind.
3. Boasting of achievement and possessions – false pride.

God’s Evaluation – 1 John 2:17
• The world is quickly fading away, but the one who follows God’s path remains forever.

Conclusion: John moves us from the assurance we have in God to him teaching us about how we must deal with a world that hates our message and is opposed to God. John affirms that belief and behavior are linked, not separate, and that the believing community should see the things of the world as enticements that lead to death, not life.

Weekly Questions:
1. How has this encouragement from the Apostle John strengthened your life and helped you evaluate your priorities?
2. Have you ever thought about who the evil one is and what evil acts are?
3. Does encouragement like this one from 1 John make you more grateful for the gracious forgiveness of God through His Son, Jesus Christ?