Day 35: April 11, 2022

Day 35: April 11, 2022

Read Matthew 28:1-8.

And we thought women’s empowerment was a recent phenomenon. 

I believe that God was a proponent of equal rights from the very moment he created Adam and Eve (equal status but distinct roles). But in today’s passage, we see how God takes societal norms and dismisses them with a wave of his hand. 

It was not coincidental that the women were the ones who discovered the empty tomb. It was God ordained. It was God saying to us that women are valuable to his kingdom. It was God taking the world order and turning it upside down.

Culturally, women at the time were to remain in the background. But God restores them to their rightful role as important participants in his kingdom. He gives the women at the tomb the significant commission of being his first witnesses.

Bringing It Home

Do I see myself and other women as being a key part of God’s kingdom on earth?

Lean In

Heavenly Father, Thank you for the place of honor you’ve given women in your Word. Today, it seems like women are fighting to be heard and seen and acknowledged. But I thank you that you see us, you hear us and you empower us with important work for your kingdom. Amen.


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